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Our Services

Personal Care Services

At Sama Care, we offer a range of personal care services to support our clients' daily living needs. This includes assistance with bathing, grooming, dressing, personal hygiene, toileting, and mobility support. Our compassionate caregivers ensure that clients feel comfortable and confident in their own homes.

Medication Management and Health Support
We understand the importance of proper medication management and overall health. Our team provides medication reminders, administration (under nurse supervision if needed), prescription pickup, and organization. Additionally, we offer specialized care for clients with conditions like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and post-surgery recovery, ensuring they receive the appropriate attention and assistance.

Companionship and Emotional Well-Being
At Sama Care, we believe that companionship is integral to our clients' well-being. Our caregivers are not just there to provide physical assistance but also to engage in social interaction, conversations, and activities. Whether it's playing games, pursuing hobbies, or accompanying clients on outings, we foster companionship and emotional support.


Nutrition and Household Support
Our team helps clients maintain a nutritious diet by planning and preparing meals according to their preferences and dietary needs. We also offer assistance with feeding if necessary. In addition to meal support, we provide light housekeeping services, including cleaning, laundry, and organizing, to create a comfortable and tidy living environment.

Continuous Care and Emergency Support
We offer overnight care for those who require assistance during the night and 24-hour live-in care with a dedicated team on a rotating schedule for clients needing around-the-clock support. Our caregivers also conduct safety and well-being checks regularly, and our team is available 24/7 for emergency response, ensuring peace of mind for our clients and their families.

Care Coordination and Specialized Services
Sama Care emphasizes care coordination, collaborating with healthcare professionals to ensure comprehensive care plans that adapt to changing needs. Our services extend to palliative and end-of-life care, wound care, and assistance with medical procedures, all delivered with compassion and expertise. We tailor our care to meet unique needs, respecting individual preferences, and promoting independence.

At Sama Care, our dedication to providing high-quality domiciliary care services is centered around these categories, ensuring that our clients receive personalized care that enhances their quality of life while allowing them to remain comfortably in their own homes.

Quality Services With Us

If you have any questions or require assistance regarding our services, please don't hesitate to get in contact. We're here to assist you with any inquiries you may have.

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